Building a Fairer Society

“Every family should feel confident their child will get the best education at the local school.


Everyone of working age should feel optimistic about their future career & we should all feel safe and welcome in the country we call home.”

I believe we all deserve the best start in life and that is only possible when we all have an equal range of good opportunities..

That is why I have worked hard as Leader of the Council to ensure all local residents have access to top a quality education; accessible healthcare in nearby hospitals and GP surgeries; and a fair and sustainable local economy.

I moved to Ilford from the Punjab with my parents and two siblings 48 years ago with not much more than the clothes on our backs and the few possessions we could carry with us, in the hope of building a better life for our family.

I will fight for an expansion of King George Hospital, adding a maternity unit and safeguarding the A&E and I would push for protections to be put in place for neighbouring Whipps Cross.

I will stand by local parents and teachers against government cuts to education and forced academisation.

I will work with the council to continue our incredible Adult Social Care offering, which has been ranked the best in the country.

Once we are in power, a Labour government will seek to roll out educational provision for early years children as part of a National Education Service that is truly cradle-to-grave.

I will work with a future Labour government to phase in subsidised childcare provision on top of free-hour entitlements, so that that everyone has access to affordable childcare, no matter their working pattern. This will make a huge difference in Ilford where we have a high birth-rate and many local parents working shifts.

I will help implement Labour’s plan to strengthen workers rights, including banning zero hours contracts and ending the Public Sector Pay Cap which forces down the salaries of hardworking people.

I will work with a Labour government to improve careers advice and open up a range of routes through, and back into, education, striking a balance between classroom and on-the-job training, to ensure students gain both technical and soft skills.

Labour will make work more fulfilling by using public investment to upgrade our economy and create high-quality jobs.  

We moved here with very little and found a welcoming home, an excellent education for my brother and sisters, job opportunities for my parents and most importantly, we found a better future for our family.


I believe we all deserve the same opportunities I was given at just 7 years old. Every family should feel confident that their children will get the best education at their local school. Everyone of working age should feel optimistic about their future careers and we should all feel safe and welcome in the country we call home.


We can only achieve a fairer country if we build equal access to vital services into the very fabric of our society, ending the postcode lottery of NHS treatment, creating a National Education Service and rewriting the rules of a rigged economic system, so that our economy really works for the many, and not only the few.

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The East Area Violence Suppression Unit have arrested 2 males in connection with violent robberies.

1 was further arrested for possession with the intent to supply drugs following a search.

The same male was also found with this dangerous weapon which is now off the streets.
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There has been an increase in cases of COVID-19 in Redbridge, particularly in the South & North West

Act now to avoid a local lockdown

1) Stay 1M away from others outside your household
2) Wear a mask
3) Regularly wash your hands
4) Book a test if you have symptoms

Book a test here:
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23 hours ago

Jas Athwal - Leader of Redbridge Council

East Area Roads Policing officers continue speed enforcement in some of the borough's top speeding hot spots.

This was recorded in a 30mph zone.
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East Area Roads Policing Team has been out today doing speed and traffic enforcement on Woodford Avenue.

One driver was caught doing almost double the speed limit (77mph).
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I spoke to Simon Harris at ITV News yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less

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